Tightrope Bridge

Design for local school and nearby forest.

Bronze Magazine

Created layouts for July, September, & December issues.

EKT Geofilter

Public filter appears in Snapchat.

Link Up

Organized and designed marketing supplied for S2S event.

Gio's Pizzeria

Brooklyn-based pizza place.


Designed several past posters for termly campus concert.

HuffPo Graphic

AFAR needed a graphic for a HuffPo column.

Lip Series

Final Drawing I series, using three pastel chalks and charcoal.

Beehive Playhouse

Designed and built octahedron structure for local daycare.

A Way Out

Helped to synthesize design for nonprofit religious organization.

Emma Blast

Illustration to pair with an important AFAR email blast.

Stall Street Journal

Monthly publication distributed by the Student Wellness Center.

Facebook, Insta, Twitter

Handle marketing of local Dartmouth sorority.

India 2016

Photographed my study program in Hyderabad and other cities.

Coral Reef Infographic

Volunteered to create infographic for Florida nonprofit.

Kite & Ivy

Alumni magazine for local sorority.

Linear Sculpture

Built wooden sculpture for penultimate Sculpture I project.

Hey, I'm Biggs!

I'm from Florida, go to college in New Hampshire, and occassionally stay with family in NYC. My passions are good TV and great design.

À plus!